Debbie Ballard - Author, IT Architect, Innovator, & Advocate

About Debbie

Debbie is a transgender girl who lived as a boy named Rex during
the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. She started to transition in the 90s,
but had to abort the transition to protect and provide for her
children. In 2011, she restarted her transition after the graduation
of her daughter from College and the death of her father.

Living as a boy was never easy. Rex was assaulted over 3,000
times and in hospital for over 60 times, for at least two weeks
each. Bathrooms were almost as dangerous as locker rooms, and lunch
and gym were just a question of how soon the violence would start.
The violence ended after 8 years when Rex put the heel of his hand
into the nose of a notoriously violent bully. Rex was often assumed
to be gay, and many cute gay boys did approach him. Although there
was some interest, Debbie preferred girls, and Rex really wasn''t
into anybody. Even so, Rex was happy to introduce his many friends
to each other, becoming the social director of the gay community
at school. Kids were shocked when he brought a girlfriend from
another school to see him in the school musical.

As a kid, Rex became an avid reader of non-fiction, reading
thousands of books ranging from electronics, chemistry, photography,
and nuclear physics to philosophy, psychology, and the world''s
religions. By 4th grade he was reading at college level, and by 7th
grade he was reading engineering books on electronics, radio, and
aerodynamics, building ham radio equipment and hang gliders, even
fixing the junker he bought from his dad for $25 and then redoing
the upholstery.

As a kid, Debbie learned to sew, crochet, knit, and numerous
other crafts, she sang in the church junior choir, and played
clarinet. She and her dad would go to the symphony or ballet while
her mom watched the broncos play. By high school, she was tailoring
Rex''s clothes and making custom clothes, including jumpsuits, skin
tight shirts, and decorated jackets and overcoats.